Mcdonough Real Estate

Written by Courtney Salinas
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McDonough is one of Georgia's "Main Street Cities of Character" because of its picturesque setting and historic buildings. McDonough's courthouse, which was erected in 1897, features a Romanesque style designed by architects Golucke and Stewart. The old courthouse adds to the unique style of McDonough's downtown. McDonough's welcome center is a 1920s prototype Standard Oil station that sits right on the town square, adding to the charm and character of this unique town.

McDonough covers 7.8 square miles of land and is home to about 10,000 people. The median house value in the year 2000 was around $108,000. McDonough is one of the largest cities in Henry County and is only 25 miles south of Atlanta and 20 miles south of the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

Finding a Home in McDonough

You have to work hard at buying a house, harder than your real estate agent does. He has different clients to tend to, while you only have yourself to look after. He's showing houses to lots of different people and it may not matter to him to whom the lot is sold to, as long as he gets his commission. This is why it's so important to get a feel for the personality of your agent--if your personalities don't mesh, you won't work well together.

By the time your agent relays information to you about a house, it may already be sold. You have to be very competitive because you are competing for a quality home in a good neighborhood. You are not the only buyer looking for a home. While your agent will be working for you, do your own work by regularly checking websites that have listings for new properties.

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