Stockbridge Real Estate

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Stockbridge, Georgia was named prior to the Civil War when the community applied for a post office. The residents needed a name for their village, replied the postal service. They chose Stockbridge for an outstanding and influential schoolteacher, Professor Stockbridge.

Stockbridge is located in the northern part of Henry County and is the largest city in the county. Located only 20 miles from downtown Atlanta and 30 miles from the Hartsfield Airport, Stockbridge is conveniently located in a lovely setting. Stockbridge's population is around 11,000 and the median house value is about $105,000.

Finding Real Estate in Stockbridge

A real estate agent's website can connect you to a city's website so you can find out more about the city you're thinking of moving to, a loan calculator, a loan application, links to and pictures of homes that they have for sale as well as all their contact information. A very helpful site will have some posted recommendations from previous customers for you to peruse and view.

Loan applications over the Internet are generally very safe. Make sure the website is secure. A secure site has an address that begins with https: and a locked padlock should appear in the status bar. If you're still not sure a connection is secure, right-click on the page and select Properties. You'll find out there if the connection is secure. If you still don't feel comfortable, don't do it. You should be able to find some other way to apply for a loan that you more feel comfortable with.

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