Makena Land

Written by Sierra Rein
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The land of Makena, Maui, is wild, rugged, and largely underdeveloped. The area includes native wiliwili and kiawe trees, rock walls, sandy beaches, lava flows, and premiere waterfront beach areas. Makena is the last city of civilization to the south--further down the coast, and around the southernmost tip of the island lies the Makena State Park.

Makena land includes many beaches, the biggest being the Makena Beach. Comprising both the Big Beach and the Baby Makena Beach, the Makena Beach is almost a mile long and is about as wide as a full-sized football field. The Baby Makena Beach, located around the corner from the Big Beach, is known for skinny dipping and "clothing-optional" sunbathing.

Many businesses, private owners, and developers enjoy purchasing both large and small land lots in Makena. They do so to build secluded, isolated oceanfront hotels and cottages. Of course, resort towns, gated communities, hotels, condominiums, private homes golf courses, and shopping centers have already taken up a lot of Makena land for tourists, weekend vacationers, and residents.

Buying Makena Land

In the Wailea/Makena area, a unit of land had a median price of about $1,095,000 (March, 2005). This is close to the price of land in Nahiku ($1,500,000) and Lahaina ($1,095,00), but considerably more than land in central Maui ($277,000), Kihei ($360,000), and the Sprecklesville/Paia/Kuau area ($180,000). An agent who specializes in helping clients buy Maui land should be able to help any interested party learn more about purchasing Makena land for personal or business use.

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