Maui Luxury Homes

Written by Sierra Rein
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Most people who seek to buy Maui luxury homes do so in the hopes that they will find places to permanently enjoy their lives. In Maui terms, luxury can either mean the actual accommodations themselves or the lodging's close proximity to the soft white sands of the beach. The best areas to find luxury homes on the island are in Kapalua, Kaanapali, and Wailea.

Maui luxury homes are incredibly varied and can range from million-dollar mansions to small one bedroom, one bathroom beach cottages. Many of the latter can be rented or purchased in timeshare form for short and long-term vacations. Others may choose to invest in leasing or purchasing a full-size luxury house for retirement purposes, as a vacation spot, or as a home away from home.

How Best to Buy Maui Luxury Homes

To purchase a luxury home in Maui, it is best to go through a qualified Maui real estate professional. This professional should be knowledgeable of the island and be able to pinpoint which properties match their client's particular needs, wishes, and budgetary limitations. He or she will also be able to describe the location of each home, what schools and recreational activities are in the nearby area, and travel times to major shopping hubs, restaurants, and airports.

The median price for a luxury home in Maui changes from year to year. For example, a few luxury homes in the cities of Hanalei and Koloa rose to a median price of $627,000 from the original price of $525,000 a month before. A year ago, these same houses went for $425,000. A real estate agent in Maui should be able to recognize trends, watch rising and lowering price medians, and discover when the best time is to buy or sell Maui luxury homes.

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