Maui Oceanfront Homes

Written by Charles Peacock
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When one thinks of living on a tropical island, one usually thinks of sitting on the front porch of a Maui oceanfront home. These homes are some of the most sought-after pieces of property in the world and can cost into the millions in extreme cases. However, there are many options to choose from, whether one is a single individual, couple, or family of four.

Some areas of the island contain areas of high concentration, meaning the beach is full of Maui oceanfront homes packed tightly together. These areas include the southwest coast (with the city of Kihei, Maalaea, Wailea, and Makena) and the northern bay of central Maui (with the major city of Kahului). The western side of Maui is less populous and includes many opportunities to buy permanent residence on the island. Between these cities, remotely located Maui homes can be found sitting on small beaches or bluffs overlooking the ocean.

Maui Oceanfront Homes For Rent

When renting Maui oceanfront homes, it is a good idea to remember that seasonal rates may apply during high vacation times. Thus, a home that typically rents for 400 dollars a day may cost 500 dollars during Maui's "high season." This is usually between the months of December and April.

Luxury Maui oceanfront homes are often rented by wedding parties exclusively for the use of the beach for the ceremony itself. An entire wedding party, family members, and close friends can also choose to rent large mansions by the sea for thousands of dollars a day. This way, the honeymoon can even become a part of the entire Maui experience, even for the remaining members of the wedding party.

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