Maui Properties

Written by Charles Peacock
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One of Maui's biggest strengths, and one of the reasons why travelers visit it year after year, is the island's great diversity in real estate options. Whether bought or rented, Maui properties are highly prized in the real estate world. One can find multi-million dollar mansions on one hand, as well as small "ohana" (traditional single-family cottage) units for six hundred dollars a month.

In general, Maui real estate is very stable and is full of sellers interested in selling their properties at near appraised values. For buyers, however, the job of actually acquiring the real estate of their dreams often includes bidding wars and lotteries just for the privilege of putting some money down on a new house or condominium. In these cases, it takes a highly experienced real estate agent to successfully bid and win a good piece of Maui real estate.

One of the largest factors in the availability and price of Maui properties is where each one is located. Condominiums and homes are much more expensive when they are found close to the shore and will have a bigger price if they have an immediate view of the beach or surf. Interestingly enough, those properties that are further from the beach but have a great view of it price higher than those that do not have an ocean view but are within walking distance of it.

Issues Surrounding Land Ownership and Building Maui Properties

Less than ten percent of all of the land on Maui is available for residential development, with the rest left to private and government ownership. This, as well as a few strict land-use zoning laws, puts the squeeze on the amount of square footage left over for building houses. Thus, smaller lots or high-rise condominiums are encouraged on the market, as well as remote cottages and homes in the outer terrain areas of the island.

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