Maui Waterfront Property

Written by Sierra Rein
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The biggest mistake people make when purchasing Maui waterfront property is to assume that the term "waterfront" means direct view or instant access to the ocean from one's front door. This is usually not the case. Strict zoning laws and the limited amount of square waterfront footage reduces the number of homes and condominiums that are in fact located near water.

Thus, some Maui waterfront property is in contact with the sandy beaches of the island, while others provide a short walk or a quick drive. Sometimes, the property can also be located at the top of a giant bluff, hundreds of feet above the crashing waves. Although they do not offer instant access to natural swimming opportunities, these pieces of real estate afford beautiful panoramic views of the ocean.

Renting Maui Waterfront Property

Residents of Maui rent waterfront property all the time. Many full-sized houses on the beach have been converted into multi-quartered rental units with separate entrances. These are great examples of using limited land in an effective and affordable way. The fact that residents can still live near their own waterfront property makes the whole deal even better for them.

If a long-term stay on the island is not a personal goal, it still may be a great idea to rent a condominium or a small single-family cottage for a week or several months. These pieces of real estate are often furnished and only require the extra purchase of food and toiletries to function like a real home. Single-bedroom condominiums can be rented out for about 600 to 800 dollars a month, while three or four bedroom, two bath houses can run into the thousands.

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