Foreclosure Investing

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Foreclosure investing is an increasingly popular method of creating capital over the short term, and wealth over the long term. It basically involves purchasing properties at below-market rates, and then selling them at a sizeable profit margin. How far below market rates are foreclosure properties? It varies; sometimes they're offered at as high as an astonishing 50 percent below market price.

However, more typical of foreclosure selling prices is between 10 to 30 percent below market rate. The key is to search, search, and search until the best deals materialize. Luckily, this part of the process just got a lot easier in the last few years, thanks to the quick-search foreclosure listings services available on the Internet. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can access long lists of foreclosures in the state, county and zip code of your choice.

Learning about Foreclosure Investing

If you're new to the world of foreclosure investing, you needn't waste your money on expensive real estate courses. Instead, you can get started on your own educational process through online foreclosure listings services. These services not only offer listings, but also invaluable resources to help you learn about the world of foreclosure investing at your own pace: books, tutorials, chats, videos, and online courses in real estate investing.

You can also take advantage of other services offered on these websites, such as free credit evaluations and loan information basics. Most of these websites must charge a low subscription fee to stay in business. However, it's quite minimal indeed when you consider the time and cash you're saving by not enrolling in expensive classes.

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