Real Estate Investing

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Real estate investing is an effective way to make tens of thousands of dollars at a pop, every time you resell a property. Savvy investors can turn a little capital into a mountain of cash by investing wisely and selling high. How exactly do they do it? One way to get the highest profit margin is by investing in real estate foreclosures. Foreclosures are properties to which the owner loses the right of ownership because he or she has defaulted on loan or mortgage payments.

In these cases, the lending institution has the right to repossess the property, as the property is collateral for the loan agreement. Foreclosed properties can either revert back to the lending institution, which will then resell it; to the owner, who must sell it to pay off the lender; or to a foreclosure attorney or public auctioneer, who will sell the property to the highest bidder at auction.

Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

In turn, if you're interested in buying the property, you will have to deal with one of these parties ... but before we get ahead of ourselves, what if you're new to the real estate investing game? How do you get started? To get an idea of what the game entails, I recommend you go online and visit one of the better foreclosure listings services.

These services are search engines that provide instant, listings on the latest foreclosures in the city and state of your choice. However, they also offer free trial periods in which you can read up on articles on real estate investing, glossaries and definitions of terms, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. You can also see helpful lists of related web links, from real estate investment and loan information, to recommended reading lists on the subject.

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