Apartments In Downtown Chicago

Written by Michael Federico
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Apartments in downtown Chicago are not for everyone. Many of these properties are up there with the most expensive in the country. The Gold Coast, the Lakefront, and the Mag Mile are dotted with high rises. Many, like the John Hancock Building, also house businesses and retailers. There are, however, enclaves in downtown that have more affordable residences.

Downtown Chicago is actually divided by a river. One side of the river is mostly made up of stores, hotels, and restaurants. Michigan Ave., which is in this part of downtown, is one of the premiere shopping spots in the United States. The other side of the river is mainly the business center of the city. There are, of course, crossovers, and apartments in downtown Chicago can be found in either section.

Understanding Apartments in Downtown Chicago

There are arguments for living in both parts of the downtown area. Each has its share of beautiful properties. There are, however, several distinct differences. The north portion of the area, the shop-laden area, is frequently flooded with tourists. Busloads of travelers come to Michigan Ave. each weekend from Indiana, Wisconsin, and other states in the region. While this is wonderful for the city, it does cause quite a bit of congestion. South of the river, the crowds are mainly made up of people on their way to work.

When buying apartments in downtown Chicago, choosing one section or the other can make a difference. For those looking to invest, having a N. Michigan Ave. address never hurts. However, almost any downtown property will appreciate in value. In the end, the city has so much to offer and it is so easy to cross from one side of the river to the other, that choosing apartments in downtown Chicago can be based on the quality of the residence and not where it lies in relation to the water.

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