Bucktown Lofts

Written by Michael Federico
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Bucktown lofts give renters and buyers the ability to design their residences basically from scratch. The high ceilings and wide-open space of Bucktown lofts can be made to look like anything. This is an aspect that traditional apartments do not have, and it is the thing that most often draws people to lofts. They often feel that a loft can be made into more of a home than an apartment that can't be painted or physically changed in any way.

There are newly renovated Bucktown lofts and many that have stood for decades. The neighborhood, itself, has a bit of an Old Chicago feel. Even though many of the residents are fairly young, the look of this part of town harkens back to a different time. Small, independently owned shops line the streets, and most people walk everywhere.

Converting Bucktown Lofts

Chicago is a major center for the arts in this country. It is also home to one of America's most thriving music scenes. These facts bring scores of actors, comedians, and musicians to the city each year. Many of these travelers have made their homes in Bucktown lofts.

People have found that the size of most lofts in the area allows them to live comfortably while using much of the space in their artistic endeavors. They are places to paint, rehearse, or simply play a little rock and roll. This is not an option in most apartments in the city. Higher rates of rent and limited square footage make it difficult for people to fit all of their stuff in their homes, let alone get any work done there.

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