Champaign Urbana Real Estate

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Champaign Urbana (two separate cities that, like the Twin Cities in Minnesota, are often treated as one) is a thriving, diverse region with a world-class university, beautiful parks and recreation areas, and fine cultural institutions. With a low cost of living, convenient public transportation, and excellent public schools, Champaign Urbana is also an ideal place to raise a family.

Champaign Urbana is centrally located between several big cities. Chicago, with landmarks like the Sears Tower, Wrigley Field, and The Art Institute of Chicago Museum is just 140 miles north. In addition, Indianapolis is located 120 miles east while St. Louis is 170 miles southwest. So while Champaign Urbana, with a population of roughly 160,000, has a small-town feel, major metropolitan areas are a only a stone's throw in almost every direction.

Champaign Urbana Real Estate Is a Great Investment

The mix of provincial small town and big city makes Champaign Urbana real estate an attractive option. People who are tired of the rat race in cities such as Chicago and New York often settle in Champaign Urbana to start a family or a new career, so there's a constant stream of new home buyers. As a result, owning property in the city can be a lucrative investment, as there are always competitive bidders out on the hunt.

Unlike cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, however, Champaign Urbana offers a stable housing market. The real estate "bubble" so characteristic of those bigger cities is largely absent in Champaign Urbana, meaning it's rarely prohibitively expensive to enter the market. At the same time, a steady appreciation in property values is the norm, so if you're a seller you can expect to see a return on your initial investment.

Homes for Every Taste and Budget

Whether you're looking for a four-bedroom dream house situated on a golf course or just a modest ranch-style home, there are countless properties to choose from. Maybe you're searching for a brand new subdivision. Or maybe you'd prefer a lot on a tree-lined lane. The great thing about Champaign Urbana is its cosmopolitan feel; you'll be perfectly at home wherever you are.

Champaign Urbana real estate is also a great buy because of its proximity to the University of Illinois. With over 150 different undergraduate programs including many that are nationally acclaimed, UI draws some of the top researchers and lecturers around. The university also means more jobs in academia, more money thanks to student tuition, and an overall hike in quality life that college living brings.

The Key: Finding a Good Realtor

To land the house of your dreams you need a Champaign realtor who not only knows the market but the area as well. There are many corporate real estate brokers as well as independent realtors who can help you find what you need based on what you're willing to spend and the specifications you're looking for. There are Champaign Urbana homes for sale in every neighborhood; the secret is finding a realtor who knows the region well enough to pair you with the perfect home.

Read through the following pages for more information about Champaign Urbana real estate, from university life and local public schools to great restaurants and arts and entertainment. At Champaign Urbana real estate info, we've got the scoop on everything from loans to mortgages for buyers and sellers alike. There are innumerable reasons to live in both the big city and s small town. In Champaign Urbana, you can have the best of both worlds.

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