Chicago High Rise Apartments

Written by Michael Federico
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Chicago high rise apartments are becoming more common as the city continues to grow. There was a time when most high rises were located downtown. However, the city stretched itself out, and neighborhoods to the north and west became more populated. To compensate, architects and engineers built upwards.

There are benefits that are very specific to Chicago high rise apartments. Due to the fact that most house large numbers of residents, the buildings usually have their own parking lots. This can spare frustration for those who come home in the evening after every street spot has been taken. Also, because so many people come in and out during the day, security measures are often tighter in high rises than they are in smaller buildings.

Chicago High Rise Apartments on the Gold Coast

Some of the most lavish Chicago high rise apartments are located in a section of town referred to as the Gold Coast. The area is centrally located. This means it is close to the shops of the Magnificent Mile, the businesses of the Loop, and it is not too far from Lake Michigan. Dining in the area is superb, with some of Chicago's most famous restaurants within walking distance.

Many of these apartments have around-the-clock services for their residents that are rivaled only by the finest hotels. Some properties feature furnished residences. There are others that will bring in designers to create a look specifically for a buyer. For many, moving into a high rise apartment in the area is the last move they will make, because everything else is seen as a step down.

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