Wicker Park Lofts

Written by Michael Federico
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Wicker Park lofts are located in the "hippest place on earth." At least that's what the T-shirts say. The neighborhood does feature some of the most popular bars and clubs in Chicago. Many of the city's most famous music venues, including The Double Door, are also located in the area. This section of town has been featured on MTV's Real World Chicago and in movies like High Fidelity and the cleverly titled, Wicker Park.

While Wicker Park lofts have traditionally been home to artists, the area and the residents are slowly changing. Many apartment buildings have been recently renovated. New Wicker Park lofts have a completely different look then their older counterparts. The changes to residences and the development of new restaurants and shops have caused rent to go up on a lot of neighborhood properties.

Buying Wicker Park Lofts

The number of people purchasing Wicker Park lofts has climbed in the past few years. Renters continue to make up the majority of the area's population, but as property values escalate, more and more buyers are coming onto the scene. While the area is incredibly popular, many believe it will continue to change and eventually become a more affluent part of town.

Rehabbed buildings generally offer a solid real estate investment. Loft spaces, while not cheap, enter the market at costs that are comparable to other apartments in the area. The rent hike in Wicker Park will be gradual, and those who own a loft will see its value steadily increase over the next few years.

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