Annex, Toronto Real Estate

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Annex, Toronto real estate is the perfect compromise for those who want both easy access to Toronto and a residential environment. With the University of Toronto nearby, many college students live in Annex, injecting the town with a healthy dose of life and enthusiasm. The location of Annex makes it an appealing buy for real estate investors.

Investors can buy Annex, Toronto real estate and then rent it out to college students who need temporary living space during the school year. Real estate investing, when done right, can be an incredibly profitable venture. The trick is to buy real estate and put little or no money down, and then rent it out for more money than what the mortgage and taxes cost. However, beware of renting out a beautiful Annex home to a group of college students who can't wait to turn your investment into the Canadian version of Animal House.

Annex, Toronto Real Estate May Cost a Pretty Penny

It is difficult to find an Annex home for less than $350,000. Considering the location, and taking into account the cost of property in other major cities like New York and Los Angeles, this really is a reasonable price. In United States dollars, this amounts to approximately $220,000. For $220,000, you might be able to buy yourself a cardboard box in which to live on a New York City sidewalk.

In real estate, you get what you pay for. Annex, Toronto real estate is worth the extra money, if it is within your means. If you want to live in a fantastic neighborhood and enjoy Toronto, check the real estate listings for available homes in Annex.

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