Canadian Mountain Properties

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Canadian mountain properties provide views that both inspire and awe. From your window or porch you can look out onto alpine glacier-fed lakes, streams, and rivers nearby, or even the ocean in the distance. Which ocean? Canadian mountain properties offer views of the Atlantic from mountains in Newfoundland, and views of the Pacific from many mountains in British Columbia.

Canadian Mountain Properties Offer Privacy or Neighbors

Whether you are seeking absolute solitude or a budding community with plenty of neighbors, a Canadian mountain property can satisfy your needs and more. Canada has a total population density of only 3.4 persons per square kilometer, making it the ninth sparsest country in the world. Given that most of the population is centered in the several large cities in the country, the mountains can be very remote.

Yet Vancouver, Canada's third largest city is virtually minutes from three towering mountains, and a short drive to many more. The mountain dweller near Vancouver has access to arts, entertainment, modern transportation, and still all of the solitude one could possibly want. Canadian mountain properties around Vancouver truly offer it all.

One important aspect of Canadian mountain properties near Vancouver is the climate. With the Pacific Ocean nearby, Vancouver and nearby Whistler mountains experience all of the snow that high elevations always receive, yet still maintains a comfortable climactic change that people need to enjoy the outdoors. When considering Canadian mountain properties, consider the Vancouver and Whistler areas first.

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