East York Real Estate Listings

Written by Gregg Ruais
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For affordable housing and proximity to Toronto, see the East York real estate listings. Formerly a retirement community, East York is quickly becoming a dynamic borough to which young families flock. Inexpensive property and proximity to the jobs and culture of downtown Toronto are East York's biggest draws.

The defining attraction within East York is Taylor Creek Park. This park stretches all the way to North York, and features a nine kilometer paved trail where bikers, joggers, and hikers get their exercise. The fall foliage in Taylor Creek Park is a magnificent sight to behold.

See East York Real Estate Listings and Save Money

The days of East York being solely for retirees are long gone. People who no longer work are not the only ones who need to save money on living expenses. What about entry level businesspeople who can't afford to buy in downtown? If you are currently throwing your money away by paying rent, look at the East York real estate listings and see what you could own. Rent money is never returned. Buying property in the Toronto area is an investment that pays.

Once young parents started catching on to the fact that they could buy cheap property near Toronto, the East York real estate listings became some of the most popular in the greater Toronto area. Buying cheap as opposed to renting just makes fiscal sense. Even if your dream house is in Toronto, consider starting off in the less expensive East York. You can always sell later, and probably even sell for more than what you originally paid.

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