Etobicoke Real Estate

Written by Gregg Ruais
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For those who love Toronto but prefer living in a place that feels more like a small town, living on Etobicoke real estate is the best of both worlds. Etobicoke is just west of Toronto, right on Lake Ontario. Etobicoke neighborhoods vary in mood and price. Visit each one first, to get a feel for it, before making a decision on which houses to view.

Of course, proximity to the lake adds value to any property. By going through the right real estate broker, however, it is not impossible to buy land very near the water at a reasonable price. When traveling northward away from the lake, the feel of Etobicoke real estate becomes more suburban, a great place to raise kids. If you like the idea of being a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of a city like Toronto, consider living on its outskirts in Etobicoke. You'll always be able to drive right into the city for excitement.

Etobicoke Real Estate Is Close to Canada's Best

Within the greater area of Etobicoke is a town called New Toronto, a town that seems to have kept the same character for the past hundred years. The fact that Toronto is only a fifteen to twenty-five minute drive away is not lost on residents and tourists spending time in Etobicoke. It is a very interesting city, but not one with an urban feel.

For the greater Toronto area's best shopping, Etobicoke real estate owners drive onto Highway 427 and head north. This leads to the Woodbine Centre, which features over 200 shops and stores. Fantasy Fair, an indoor amusement park, is also in the Woodbine Centre.

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