French Vineyard For Sale

Written by Tanya Niederhoff
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Selecting a French vineyard for sale is much like choosing a fine bottle of wine--much thought goes into locale and timing. However, with current returns on French vineyards skyrocketing, one thing has become quite certain. When it comes to the French Riviera, with its rich soil and lush vineyards, it's difficult to make anything other than a spectacular winery purchase.

It's no secret that most of the world's famous wines originate in the South of France. The warm climate and rich soil conditions in the region lend themselves to the tradition of winemaking, and the careful viticulture and cultivation processes yield only the best results. Because of the success of wineries in the region, a French vineyard for sale can garner significant gains on properties with reputations of already high returns on investments.

Finding a French Vineyard for Sale

Whether you're seeking to purchase a thriving winery in existence, or build from the ground up, you can be sure that the grapes grown will be superb. Shiraz grapes are the most commonly grown wine grapes in the region, yielding exquisite wines each year. Of course, the region's natural attributes lend themselves to the cultivation of fine wines--giving these vineyards an edge over regions with lesser soil and climate.

Any buyer with a little vision can acquire amazing deals on a French vineyard. There are many richly historic estates situated on vineyards in the South of France, and with slight levels of renovation, these wineries can again become first-class operations. Inquire with a reputable French Riviera realty company about winery estates up for purchase in the region of your choice.

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