Georgetown, Ontario Real Estate

Written by Gregg Ruais
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For a home in a growing Canadian city within driving distance of Toronto, consider buying Georgetown, Ontario real estate. The Georgetown economy is strong, providing residents with excellent job opportunities right in the city. The city predicts that its historic economic growth will continue in the future.

Asking prices for Georgetown, Ontario real estate begin at just over $200,000. Online listings can give you an idea of the square footage ranges available for this price. Georgetown is a suburban city with comfortable homes in very good neighborhoods. It is a fun city that values its heritage and culture. Each year the city hosts an annual three-day festival to celebrate the its colonial heritage.

Living on Georgetown, Ontario Real Estate

Because the city is only forty kilometers from Toronto, life for Georgetown, Ontario real estate owners is whatever they want it to be. For those who prefer the calmness of suburban life, Georgetown is a great place. It has two gorgeous golf courses and very good schools for the kids.

Georgetown residents who want to live life in the fast lane can do that also. With Toronto only a twenty-minute drive from home, the people of Georgetown have access to one of North America's cultural, artistic, entertainment, and nightlife capitals. Living in Georgetown, you always have an outlet for the boredom that can set in staying in the suburbs too long, and never experience the claustrophobic, trapped feeling induced by large cities.

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