King City Real Estate

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Located in the Township of King, King City real estate is highly sought after because of its urbanized setting amidst a very rural township. The Township of King prides itself on its picturesque landscape. King City itself is within reasonable driving distance from Toronto.

Residents living on King City real estate are in an excellent family-oriented community. Organized swimming, hockey, and tennis are enjoyed by people of all ages. Another way to spend time with family in King is by picnicking in the town's gorgeous green parks. King City has its own public schools, as well as options for parents who want their children to receive a private education.

King City Real Estate Is a Great Location

The Township of King is famous for its many horse farms. Buying King City real estate is a dream come true for horse lovers and people who want to raise horses. World-class horses of all breeds are bred and raised on these farms. The Township of King is also known for its fertile soil, growing enough produce for the entire province of Ontario.

King City residents share a strong sense of community. Regular township meetings are held, and community festivities are a great way to converse with neighbors. The Township of King Museum keeps the history of the town alive and in the minds of its residents.

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