Ontario Real Estate

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Ontario real estate is one of the hottest commodities in all of Canada. New housing stats rose an impressive 10.8 percent in February of 2004, and the job market in Ontario Canada, as of May of 2004, continues to improve on a monthly basis. Ontario is one of ten Canadian provinces and constitutes about thirty-eight percent of the population.

Ontario real estate owners have the full benefit of an amazing health care system. Residents need not worry about affordable health care. The Canadian system keeps people alive on average two years longer than their American counterparts, and the costs of health care are significantly less than in the United States. Moreover, Ontario residents spend even less money on health care than the rest of the country, while enjoying all the benefits.

Ontario Real Estate Benefits

People who buy Ontario real estate live in one of the most pleasurable regions in North America. Ontario has more than its share of health and beauty spas, casinos, horse racing tracks, professional sports teams, gardens, shopping, wineries, fine dining, and much more. Considering how safe and environmentally conscious the province is in addition to the fun to be had, Ontario is considered by many an ideal place to live.

The culture in Ontario is as diverse as any other part of the world. Dozens of languages are spoken in Ontario. The blend of people from all over the world flavors the area with great variety. Ontario is surely one of Canada's main cultural highlights.

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