Pemberton Property Sales

Written by Donald Sparacin
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To say that Pemberton property sales are brisk is like saying that Mel Gibson movies make a few bucks; it's just a huge understatement. A review of Pemberton property sales over the past year shows that listings don't sit on the market waiting for buyers. Instead, buyers are waiting for Pemberton property with cash in hand. The average time from listing to sale is less than two months, and that includes the time it takes for financing.

Pemberton Property Sales Outpace Most of Canada

Currently, the southwest corridor of British Columbia is the fastest growing part of the country. Construction seemingly can't keep up with the demand, and the people that already have homes in the area aren't selling with any great rush, yet. The basic principle of supply and demand isn't lost on the people of Pemberton. They know their town is in for tremendous growth, and they want their share.

Pemberton property sales took a huge jump when the road to Whistler was completed back in the 80s, and Pemberton property sales took another jump when Vancouver and Whistler won the Winter Olympics in 2010. Now, with further anticipated construction of another ski resort area north of town, Pemberton property sales are rising even faster. Large parcels of vacant land that appears on the market sells almost immediately to contractors wishing to build more condos, and individual lots move almost as fast.

Strangers to this tight knit community need the advice of a savvy real estate broker to help them find what they seek in Pemberton property sales. The days of dealing direct with a farmer to buy an unused parcel of farmland are over, and will never return to Pemberton. Yet for unsurpassed beauty, affordability, and opportunity for investment you need look no further north or south of Pemberton to find that perfect home or home site. Let the experienced broker help you to see the advantages of Pemberton property sales as no other possibly can.

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