Pemberton Real Estate For Sale

Written by Donald Sparacin
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There is currently Pemberton real estate for sale in many price ranges. With the average home cost in Pemberton at about $188,000 USD, and with many chalets and condos in the $400,000 range, the careful homebuyer can still find a bargain even in this booming market. Pemberton is the home to many young families seeking home ownership within a commutable distance of nearby Whistler, but many are finding employment right in Pemberton itself.

There Is Pemberton Real Estate For Sale For Everyone

Whether you are looking for an upscale chalet or townhouse, a moderately priced country home, or a bargain priced fixer-upper, there is Pemberton real estate for sale to meet your needs. Pemberton real estate for sale in the upper ranges of the price scale is more prevalent over the recent years due in large part to the announcement of the 2010 Winter Olympics in nearby Whistler BC. Large complexes of condos and townhouses are popping up everywhere in this once sleepy farming community.

There is also Pemberton real estate for sale in the mediate price range for those seeking a moderate sized house with a minimal amount of land. Many residents seem to be making private deals with local landowners to build larger homes and sell their existing ones a higher than ever before price. While substantially higher than when they may have first found their Pemberton real estate for sale, the cost for these homes are still far less than the newer offerings that are being built.

For the handy person comfortable with tools, there are the occasional fixer-uppers that come onto the market. This type of Pemberton real estate for sale is becoming mare rare every month. The best way to find this type of property is to consult a realtor familiar with the area. The person seeking this type of Pemberton real estate for sale should also be very patient, but the financial rewards can be well worth it.

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