Riverdale Real Estate

Written by Gregg Ruais
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East of downtown Toronto, Riverdale real estate is available for people who want to live in a town rich with diversity and culture. Riverdale consists of several communities, each having its own distinct personality and appeal. It is a truly charming city with so much to offer, in addition to its proximity to Toronto.

Danforth Avenue in Riverdale is famous for its unique and decorous retail shops that sell scented candles, fancy furniture, and other artsy products. The Danforth Village, another section of Riverdale, is the Riverdale business district. This Canadian hot spot features beauty salons, nightclubs, and over two hundred fifty other businesses. In addition, Riverdale has its own version of Chinatown.

Riverdale Real Estate for Culture

The value of Riverdale real estate far exceeds mere proximity to Toronto. It is an authentic town worthy of exploration for its own merits. When in Riverdale, be sure to visit Gerrard India Bazaar BIA, a section of Riverdale that induces the surreal feeling of having been magically whisked away to India. Pedestrians are treated to Indian music being played in the streets. Street vendors sell authentic Indian products such as silk and elegant gold jewelry.

Riverdale real estate appeals to the adventurous at heart. People looking for new experiences should at least visit Riverdale. In addition to the town's global feel, some parts of Riverdale take you back to the turn of the twentieth century. A day strolling through Riverdale's many communities is akin to spanning the globe and traveling through time all in one day.

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