Thornhill Real Estate

Written by Gregg Ruais
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For those who like the idea of living in a small town that values its historic, rural beginnings, but still want access to a modern metropolitan city, buying Thornhill real estate makes perfect sense. Thornhill's history speaks volumes about the values and personality of the town. During the sixties and early seventies, the city of Toronto's growth started to overtake Thornhill.

Thornhill real estate owners had always lived on rural land. They liked their lifestyle and hated the homogenization they saw occurring in their town as a result of Toronto's takeover. The small town charm of Thornhill had begun to fade. A group of citizens then started an organization intent on preserving the historic Thornhill architecture, and more importantly, the town's way of life.

Thornhill Real Estate: a Great Place to Live

Today, hundreds of buildings dating back as far as the nineteenth century still stand in Thornhill. In addition, seventeen locations have been marked as historic sites. Each year in September, the town holds a self-funded festival, the entrance to which is a few dollars per person and free for those who wear costumes. The festival features street musicians, vendor booths, and games. Its purpose is community togetherness, the most important aspect of the small town lifestyle.

The schools in Thornhill teach the history of the town to kids, so as to ensure that the coming generations remain attached to past. Thornhill real estate owners are truly part of something special. It is nice to see a town that has the will to remain connected to its roots. If small town values and a sense of history are things you'd like to raise your family with, check out Thornhill. It may be the community you've been searching for.

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