Toronto Real Estate

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Toronto real estate is an excellent choice for prospective homeowners who enjoy both a city environment and nature. Houses in Toronto and surrounding areas are much more affordable than in major United States cities. Lower prices, in this case, are not indicative of lesser quality.

In fact, overall quality of life is the Toronto area's defining characteristic. The Toronto government is dedicated to maintaining a healthy urban environment. The city purchases millions of trees, protecting its forests from private enterprise. Possibly the most socially responsible city in the world, Toronto is actually 18.1 percent park land, the natural beauty of which is quite breathtaking.

Toronto real estate owners have year-round access to this great city, which is notable for many famous landmarks. The world's longest street begins on the beautiful Toronto lakeshore. The impressive Toronto skyline is accentuated by one of the world's tallest buildings.

Never a Dull Moment in Toronto

Those who own Toronto real estate have the world at their fingertips. For sports fans, Toronto is home to professional baseball, basketball, and hockey teams. Furthermore, the city of Toronto plans many community and social events throughout the year. For example, an annual summer street festival spanning over 500,000 square feet features some of Canada's most popular entertainers. Revelers enjoy this event at no cost. The city is so dedicated to fun, it pays for this party, as it does many others.

Over 18,000 Toronto area homes are currently on the market. Toronto real estate is for sale in Durham, Mississauga, Orangeville, Eastern Toronto, Western Toronto, Central Toronto, the York region, and more. The region offers a multitude of settings, from gorgeous waterfront homes to quiet houses in the country.

Toronto real estate varies in price, depending on desired level of luxury and the location. Quaint houses can go for less than $150,000, a remarkable price considering that some of these bargains are waterfront property. More extravagant houses with expansive lawns can sell for up to six million dollars.

Toronto Real Estate Is Beautiful and Affordable

Lake Ontario looks like an ocean and is great for swimming and fishing all season long, making Toronto's beaches great vacation spots. Purchasing Toronto real estate for vacationing or year-round living is a lifestyle upgrade for almost anyone. Proximity to metropolitan Toronto guarantees residents will always have something to do, and the city's economy makes it an ideal location for working professionals.

If the beauty of wilderness, the excitement of city-dwelling, the richness of culture, the relaxation of leisure, and wide expanses of water all appeal to you, then buying Toronto real estate can never be a bad decision. With a population of 4.6 million people and a very low crime rate to boot, Toronto may be the most underrated city the world over. The greatness of the city is due largely to the cooperation between the people and its government. Cities like Los Angeles and New York seem to have a life force all their own, which residents and politicians market to the world while overlooking serious problems like inadequate health care, poverty, and crime. The quieter success of Toronto, on the other hand, is the result of its own will to be a fun, healthy, and safe city in which people are happy to live.

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