Whistler Chalet

Written by Donald Sparacin
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A Whistler chalet home can put you in the village, in the woods, or on one of the mountains, but mostly a Whistler chalet will provide you with all of the amenities of a beautiful home in a even more beautiful setting. The options for the vacationer seeking a Whistler chalet are many. You can rent by the day, week or month with prices ranging from about $250/day to $1,000/day depending on size and location. Of course you can also buy a Whistler chalet.

A Whistler Chalet Vacation

Depending on the season there is plenty to do from your Whistler chalet. Skiing in winter, hiking or rafting in summer are just a few of the things people do from their Whistler chalet vacation homes. Whistler chalets in the village are within walking distance of the slopes and mountain trails. Those that are just outside the village will find easy transportation that is provided by Whistler for its visitors. A Whistler chalet in the village will also be close to all the great shopping, restaurants, lounges, and activities.

For those Whistler chalets on one of the mountains, expect to find that the scenery will be even better than the great views afforded to the village homes. Transportation and accessibility will be on your own, and during snowstorms this can be a bit tricky. Yet most people take it in stride and find that with patience they can get everywhere they need to be. The biggest attraction of a mountainside Whistler chalet is that it's quite a bit more private than its village counterpart.

The average price of a Whistler chalet is currently about $400,000. While some may find that price a bit steep, it's not that much higher than the condos and townhouses in the village. Consult a Whistler realtor to take you through the options and help you along the process. Many people are buying Whistler chalets for their personal use now, and large profits when they sell as the 2010 games approach.

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