Whistler Resort Property

Written by Donald Sparacin
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You're sold on the idea of owning property in Whistler, but you don't want the hassle of maintenance, you should look into Whistler resort property. Whistler is home to several large and beautiful resorts. Most are in or just outside of the village, and all offer the amenities you'd look for from a 5-star hotel. Yet, unlike a standard hotel room or suite, you can buy Whistler resort property in one of these establishments and find the best combination of resort life and home ownership.

Whistler Resort Property Can Be Shared

People that love Whistler and want to come back year after year, but just can't seem to find the hundreds of thousands of dollars for home ownership usually turn to timesharing for their Whistler resort property. With timesharing you buy as many weeks as you expect to visit each year and your investment becomes substantially less. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars per night for a hotel room, you can purchase a timeshare and have a two or three bedroom condo for about $15,000 and a maintenance fee of between $250 and $500 for a full week.

Another option for Whistler resort property is quarter share purchasing. This alternative to outright purchase allows you to share the costs of a condo, townhouse or chalet with three other owners. Obviously, ski season commands the highest quarter share cost, but arrangements can often be made to allow each one of the owners access to the property for a few weeks during the peak times. A Whistler realtor can explain all of the options, benefits and drawbacks of quarter sharing in great detail.

Whistler resort property is never hidden away from things. You are right there within walking distance of the slopes, shops and restaurants. You probably won't need a car, so rather than renting one at Vancouver airport simply take a train, taxi, or bus to Whistler. Then, stay, play, and enjoy yourself in the spectacular mountain village.

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