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Louisiana Property Management Forms

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There are certainly a lot of property management forms that you will need to have on hand as a property owner. You may roll your eyes at the very idea of having to put everything in writing, but in the long-run, doing so can protect your assets. In a world that has become increasingly sue-happy, it is vital that you have legal contracts and forms drawn up between yourself and your management company, as well as yourself and your tenants.

The most common Louisiana property management forms are lease agreements and management agreements. Essentially, the lease agreement outlines what the tenant is to agree to in order to reside in the rental unit. Such information included in a typical lease agreement is the amount of rent due each month, the date the rent is due, qualifications regarding the security deposit, and procedures that will be carried out should the tenant fail to pay rent.

The management agreement outlines the responsibilities that the property management company is assigned. It is vital that this information be put down in writing so that both sides are crystal clear on what is expected. Miscommunication between property owners and management can only cause more problems down the road, which is why having a itemized contract in place eliminates such issues.

Forms, Forms, and More Forms

Other common forms for property owners include property disclosures, agency disclosures, and various real estate forms. The type of property you own, and the scale of management you require will determine which forms apply to your situation. When in doubt, it is best to put it in writing and have copies notarized. This will provide protection for all the parties involved.

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