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New Orleans Property Management Forms

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New Orleans property management forms are part of the territory when you own a rental property. You will need to have all types of legal contracts on hand at all times. For instance, the most obvious form you will need is a legal agreement with the tenants that applies to the period of time they rent an apartment from you.

In this agreement, you will want to outline when rent is due and in what amount, any penalties that the tenant may incur if he or she pays late, and what the procedure is for delinquent payments or bounced checks. Furthermore you should include information regarding the security deposit and what will be deducted from it at the time the tenant vacates the apartment. Typical wear and tear is normal and the tenant should not have to pay for basic cleaning of the apartment.

However, if you intend to charge the tenant for painting and rug cleaning services, this needs to be in the lease agreement at the time the tenant signs the document. Finally, if you require written notice at least 30 days prior to the tenant vacating the premises, this needs to be in writing in the contract. Furthermore, tenants who break their leases early should be aware of the possible legal and monetary consequences associated with doing so.

Protect Yourself with Property Management Forms

You will also need to have a contract with the management company that you hire. It is a good idea to outline the responsibilities that you expect the management team to handle in the written contract. This will protect both sides in the event of a dispute or a miscommunication in the future.

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