Boston Area Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Boston area real estate is, admittedly, the third most expensive in the United States. Before it come Honolulu and San Francisco. You will not have the glorious Pacific Ocean surrounding you. You won't have the hilly charm of San Francisco. You will, however, have Cape Cod, the Berkshires, the entire commonwealth and all of New England at your fingertips.

Massachusetts is only 50 miles north to south at its widest point, and only 190 miles east to west. Yet within that is as much history as you might hope to find in New England. Within that are parks and rivers and mountains and seashore for hiking, whitewater rafting, skiing or any number of leisure activities.

You might be more culturally oriented, however. Boston area real estate also offers big city amenities with a friendly small-town atmosphere. The Freedom Trail and the Black Heritage Trail are two paths to explore the depths and reaches of the city. The Longfellow house, a national historic site, was George Washington's Revolutionary War headquarters. And of course there is the Old North Church, the old State House, and Beacon Hill.

General Facts on Boston Area Real Estate

The greater Boston metropolitan area encompasses the city and 85 adjacent suburban municipalities. Along the Atlantic coast, it stretches some 25 miles down from Lynn in the north, through Revere, around downtown Boston to Quincy. It stretches west about 20 miles. Western edge towns within reach of the MBTA and the typical 30-minute commute include Lexington, Waltham, Newton, and Norwood. Boston proper sits on 48.4 square miles and has a population of some 600,000. The median house value of Boston area real estate is about $200,000. Values vary significantly, however, from municipality to municipality.

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