Boston Premier Properties

Written by James Lyons
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Boston premier properties sit in Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Downtown, South End, and North End-Waterfront. This is where Boston's elite settle down or buy investment properties. These neighborhoods are treasures of history and architecture and the people who live there are among the best at what they do in their respective fields.

These premier neighborhoods lie within close proximity to Boston own version of Central Park. The Boston Common and the adjacent Public Garden form Boston's Central Park, right in the heart of the city. Even though the two parks are connected to each other, they have a very distinct history and unique character.

Boston Premier Properties and Boston Common History

The oldest public park in the history of the United States, Boston Common's history goes back as early as 1634, when the area was designated a common pasture. It was also used for military purposes and public hangings. Fortunately, hangings are no longer considered appropriate unless you choose to do it yourself. Even then, it's illegal. Anyway, the gallows were removed in 1817 and from 1830 on the grazing of cattle was forbidden.

The Boston Common mainly serves as a public park for recreational purposes and many Boston premier properties can be found circumventing this park. Boston Common is circumvented by Beacon Hill, the Public Garden and Downtown. Those who have taste for Boston premier properties should examine the homes that surround this old park. If you want to get anything over 1,000 square feet, be prepared to spend over a million dollars.

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