Boston Properties

Written by James Lyons
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Boston properties have significantly appreciated in value over the past twenty years. Even with two recessions, Boston real estate still manages to climb in value nearly every year. Why is it that this property is worth so much and property in other cities is worth significantly less? The answer to this question can get pretty complicated.

There are a number of different factors that go into the value of a home or property. The quality of the public schools in the surrounding area affects property value. The age of the home can positively or negatively affect the value of the home. Fault lines play a small factor even in states that don't experience earthquakes. Valuation is a complicated process.

How Boston Properties Appreciate

The city of Boston has the best of everything which is a big reason why Boston properties continue to appreciate. Boston has the best schools, many of the best restaurants, one of the best art scenes, one of the best crime rates for a major city, and some of the best scenery in the nation. With that combination of things working for you, it's not a mystery why houses are escalating in value every year.

Specific neighborhoods like Beacon Hill and even Downtown are growing in popularity. Downtown Boston used to be a graveyard after 5:00 PM. Everyone went to their respective homes in their quiet little communities. Downtown made an enormous comeback as developers bought up old buildings and converted them into lofts and other luxury spaces. Now some of the most desired Boston properties are in Downtown.

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