Boston Realtor

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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A Boston realtor might be a very good idea once you decide to buy real estate in the city. It's one thing, after all, to walk its historic Freedom Trail from Boston Common along 2.5 miles of narrow 18th century streets. It's one thing to cross the Charles River to Bunker Hill, to have watched the Red Sox in old Fenway Park. It's another thing altogether to decide where best to invest perhaps a quarter-million dollars in a house.

After San Francisco and Honolulu, Boston is the third most expensive place to live in the United States. This is not to say that you can't find an affordable residence in one of the city's 21 dynamic and character-rich neighborhoods. It is to say that a Boston realtor will, odds on, make the search and the purchase infinitely easier.

The Hows and Whats to a Boston Realtor

A good number of people want to buy and sell a house only from an owner. They don't want to pay cash on the barrel head in commission to, in this case, a Boston realtor. That's a perfectly viable option, and a matter of personal preference.

However, bear a few things in mind. In an FSBO transaction you might indeed save as much as $5,000 or $10,000. You might well also spend far more of that in your own time and energy. A Boston realtor has made the 48.4 square miles of Boston real estate his business.

He or she knows its 21 neighborhoods probably far better than you ever will. His day-to-day colleagues include mortgage bankers, real estate lawyers, and other real estate agents. Why not make the most of that? Wouldn't it be a better use of your time to find a realtor you like and trust instead? There are many online sources you can use in your search.

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