Boston Realty

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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You're looking at Boston realty with a serious eye. Perhaps you've lived there as a student. Maybe you live there now but rent rather than own. Perhaps you're moving in from out of state for any number of reasons. Greater Boston is a vital part of the economy of the commonwealth of Massachusetts. Fully half of Massachusetts's jobs and revenue is generated here. As many as three million people live in Greater Boston. But narrow your focus to the city of Boston realty.

Boston Realty Defined

Boston realty lies within 48.4 square acres off Massachusetts Bay. Strictly defined, it extends from the Charles and Mystic Rivers on the north, to the Neponset River and Dorchester on the south, to West Roxbury on the west. This area is divided--not arbitrarily--into 21 neighborhoods, which are neatly mapped and described on the city of Boston's website resources. Each has their own distinctive culture, history, architecture, style, and diversity.

More strictly speaking, real estate in Boston is a matter of some 252,000 residences that house approximately 600,000 people. The median age of these residents is about 32. More than half of the houses--135,000--were built before 1939. More than half of the houses--162,000--are rental properties.

The median price of a residence in Boston is more or less $200,000. Most houses, however, seem to range from $200,000 to $500,000, depending on neighborhood. Rents vary dramatically, of course, depending on neighborhood and property, but in 2000 fully half of Boston's rents ranged from $700 to $1,500.

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