Cambridge, Ma Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Buying Cambridge, MA real estate won't put you in the middle of Harvard Yard. It will, however, put you in a city of 6.5 square miles. You will be surrounded by many seats of higher learning, a rich history, the amenities of Boston proper, and all of New England within fairly easy reach. Cambridge is but a short walk (longer in a February wind down the Charles River) across the bridge to Beacon Hill.

With a population of about 110,000 at the 2000 US census, Cambridge demographics are as might be expected in a heavily academic town. Just over 25 percent of its residents are foreign born. More than 52 percent have never been married. The median age is 30. The median household income in 1999 was about $48,000.

About Cambridge, MA Real Estate

There were approximately 42,000 residential Cambridge, MA real estate buildings in the summer of 2003. Not quite 14,000 were owner occupied, and not quite 29,000 were tenant occupied. The median price of family houses was on average upwards of $600,000. The median price of condominiums was about $350,000. The overall median home price was $398,500. These are all ballpark figures of course. A realtor will help you get a better sense of prices and required incomes for purchase.

Cambridge, MA real estate is formally divided into thirteen neighborhoods. Several of these derived from older communities. One such is East Cambridge, bounded by the Charles River to the east, which in the 19th century became a working class neighborhood with the advent of industrialization. It is now a commercial and retail center. Riverside is predominantly middle class and has not grown in the past 40 years. Mid-Cambridge is the home of Harvard University's home campus, among other institutions, and to many professors and students.

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