Framingham, Ma Home

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Buying a Framingham, MA home means settling in a town about 20 miles due west of Boston, midway between it and Worcester. Settled in 1647 on lands awarded to Bay Colony and Harvard College official Thomas Danford, Framingham was not incorporated until June 1700. It is now the largest town in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, with a diverse population of 67,000 and a strong school system. The hub of the west Boston metro area, Framingham is a unique blend of urban and rural.

The New England Wildflower Society calls Framingham, MA home and offers both guided and self-guided walks through the Northeast's largest collection of landscaped wildflower. The town is also home to several major corporations including Bose, Staples, and Lifeline. Whether you're renting or buying a Framingham, MA home, you'll find a wide variety of housing options.

FAQ on Finding a Framingham, MA Home

Town growth in real estate has been steady and strong since the World War II era. There are now more than 26,000 homes in town. Nearly 5,000 date from before 1939. Approximately 2,000 single-family homes went up in the 1940s, and nearly 5,000 more in each of the three following decades. Construction after 1980 slowed to about 1,500 per decade.

Occupancy is evenly split between owners and tenants--14,500 to 11,600. Most of the 26,000 homes are three- and four-bedroom houses. The median value of a Framingham, MA home in 2000 was $216,000. Median age was 36.2 and median household income about $54,000.

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