Ma Multiple Listing Service

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you're buying or selling real estate in Massachusetts, you will use an MA multiple listing service, whether you're aware of it or not. Commonly called an MLS, a multiple listing service is how realtors in an area let each other know that a specific property is on the market. The agent selling the property, of course, gets an equally specific commission, usually a percentage of the sale price.

Whether the property you're considering is in Boston or the Berkshires, an MA multiple listing service is almost indispensable. Real estate prices in Massachusetts are healthy, the third highest in the United States, in fact. At the same time, home ownership is sixth from the lowest. What this means is that real estate turns over more slowly than elsewhere. Anyone wanting to sell real estate will list it.

FAQ: MA Multiple Listing Service

If you're thinking about selling your house on your own, you're already aware--or should be aware--of an MLS listing. A good MLS listing will extend the exposure of your property to a much broader audience of prospective buyers. There are two MA multiple listing service types you want to be aware of. You want to pay a fixed listing fee rather than a listing commission.

An MLS listing will provide extensive information on a property. The basics are address, house type, exterior type, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms interior square footage, foundation size, and lot description. Other specifications include buyer financing options, heating fuel, fireplaces, and road frontage. A listing should include at least one photograph, ideally more.

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