Ma Real Estate Listing

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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An MA real estate listing will be your ticket whether you're buying or selling property anywhere in the commonwealth. These are most often referred to as an MLS listing. MLS stands for multiple listing service, and is the primary channel of communication about properties among realtors. You don't have to have a realtor to list your property when selling, but you do need to be careful if buying a listing on your own. Furthermore, even when you have a real estate agent, you want to be sure that you're paying a fixed listing fee and not a listing commission.

About Your MA Real Estate Listing

Any MA real estate listing will or at least should feature certain information. How these data are presented is very important. The listing is an advertisement. It is the most often seen marketing material. If it looks bad, your chances of selling nosedive, as does your interest in buying.

An MLS property identification number will be prominently displayed. It and the asking price and a good, clear, ideally color, photograph of the property should be placed so that they are the first items seen. After them comes the agent (or FSBO contact), by name, address, telephone, and email.

Basic property features are established protocol in an MA real estate listing. Insist on their being as complete as possible These include building style, lot size, acreage, basement features, bedrooms, baths, fireplaces, heating fuel, cooking fuel, and square footage. A brief prose description can help set the tone for the buyer. A virtual online tour, featuring several rooms and a few property high points, is sometimes a possibility.

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