Ma Realty

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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MA realty, of course, encompasses commercial as well as residential property. More attention focuses on homes for the simple reason that there are more people than there are businesses. Leaving such discussions aside, however, let us look to see what MA realty means for the home buyer.

The Tall and Wide of MA Realty

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts encompasses 10,555 acres in the heart of New England. It stretches 50 miles north to south and 190 miles east to west. On the east are Massachusetts Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. On the west are the Mohawk Trail, the Berkshires, and the Taconic Mountains. In the middle is a rolling landscape. Across it are 2.5 million homes.

The median value of a home in Boston 2000 was $192,000. This figure is the third highest in the United States, trailing only San Francisco and Honolulu. Understand that the median is simply the price in the middle of the lowest and the highest. Prices you'll see most frequently for the MA realty you'll be in the market for range from about $200,000 to $500,000. Property values in the Cape Cod area and the Berkshires are the highest outside Boston.

Home ownership rates in Massachusetts, in sharp contrast to home prices, rank 45th nationwide. Financial moguls in the State House are not sure how to explain the discrepancy. In the meantime, rental occupancy rates run two to one over owner occupancy in most areas. This is especially true in Boston and Cambridge, naturally enough, which between them boast 35 institutions of higher learning (which translates to students, which translates to even more rentals).

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