Massachusetts Real Estate Agent

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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An accredited Massachusetts real estate agent is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Division of Professional Licensure to help consumers buy, sell, lease, or exchange real property. Real property defined legally means land and or buildings on it. Real estate services include appraisals, contract negotiations, sale agreements, escrow accounts, and marketing. The real estate board oversees training of agents, issues licenses, and disciplines agents who violate any real estate regulations. Approximately 74,433 brokers are licensed in Massachusetts.

State offices provide a number of useful and convenient online services. Among them is detailed information on how a broker can qualify as a home inspector, and the rules and regulations by which all agents must abide. Searches for a specific Massachusetts real estate agent are also possible, whether by license number, name, or business information.

Massachusetts Real Estate Agent Training

The commonwealth has accredited 78 schools for broker training. Training includes 10 components, or modules. The details of the material covered are readily available online. In brief, in something of a laundry list, the subjects covered include: property and ownership, land use, contracts and deeds, financing and mortgages, Massachusetts license law and ethics, appraisals, fair housing and consumer protection, the closing process, and insurance.

Your Massachusetts real estate agent, then, has more than simple familiarity with the market and available houses or buyers. He or she has more than a network of other real estate agents, real estate attorneys, and mortgage banks. Your agent has specialized training and expertise. You'll want to make the most of this as you look either to buy or sell property in Massachusetts, whether in Boston, Worcester, Great Barrington, or Cape Cod.

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