Watertown, Ma Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Watertown, MA real estate has a great deal to offer if you're looking for all the conveniences of the greater Boston area and a safe town with a long history. Although Boston is the third most-expensive metropolitan area in the country, following only San Francisco and Honolulu, you are buying into valuable real estate. All of New England, furthermore, is at your fingertips.

Settled in the early 17th century by Englishmen, Watertown ancestries reported in the 2000 census are first Irish (23 percent) and then Italian (19 percent). The median age of Watertown residents was 36.7 in a population of 33,000. About 41 percent have never been married and 43 percent are now married.

In and amidst residential Watertown, MA real estate are five colleges, two of which offer masters degrees. These are the New England School of Acupuncture (degree), the Cass School of Floral Design, the Polarity Institute, the New England Fuel Institute Technical Training Center, and the Family Institute of Cambridge (degree). Seven other universities are within a seven-mile radius.

Watertown, MA Real Estate Statistics

The median house value of $270,000 is significantly above the Massachusetts state average. The count in 2000 on residential Watertown, MA real estate came to just over 15,000. More than 7,100 were built before 1939, making them significantly older than most in the state. New construction has slowed steadily since World War II, averaging about 2,000 for two decades, 1,000 for three, then 500. The community is strong, however, affluent and well-educated, more so than the state average.

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