Prestige Executive Homes

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Saying You've Arrived!

One of the greatest things about financial success is being able to choose any piece of prime real estate you like! Living in a home that others can only dream about is a magical feeling. The market for prestige executive homes is quite strong in the US, and indicator that success is not a stranger here!

Prestige executive homes are a varied bunch, reflecting the diversity of the kind of folks who buy such homes. You can find historical executive homes, glass-and-stainless-steel modern executive homes, sprawling executive homes and even quite compact executive homes. One person's idea of luxury may be a house in the middle of a 100 acre spread with trees all around, miles from anywhere.

What Constitutes Prestige Luxury Homes?

For another person, the only true prestige executive homes are luxury penthouses or condominiums with the services and security that big money can buy. To be sure, for the wealthy, security has to be a consideration, so even if you're planning to get away from it all, plan on featuring security high on your list of essentials. Although crime rates tend to be higher in cities, many of us feel safer when a criminal at least has to make his way through security cameras, a concierge and other security features commonly found in upscale apartment buildings and condos.

Prestige executive homes frequently have imaginative features that make the lives of busy executives easier. Often designed to free up their precious and extremely valuable time, you will find such luxuries as home spas, mini gyms, which can often mean that certain activities can take place at home. You will also find super luxurious bathrooms and kitchens and the works as far as fixtures and fittings are concerned.

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