Las Vegas High Rise Condos

Written by Samuel Wong
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Shows like MTV's The Real World and HBO's Sex and the City have glamorized urban life. For many people, the idea of owning a home with a yard and 2-car garage seems cookie-cutter and boring. Just a few years ago, if you wanted an urban, high rise life in Las Vegas, you had to be a millionaire. The few high rise developments available were priced out of range for most people.

Today, there are many more options when it comes to Las Vegas high rise condos. More and more undeveloped parking pads and vacant lots are being bought up and transformed into sites for condominiums that reach skyward. Many of the newer developments are at least 30 stories tall and are sure to change the look and feel of the Las Vegas skyline in the coming years.

Live up High in Las Vegas

High rise developments like Sky Las Vegas and One Las Vegas will place their residents at the heart of the action. Many of these developments are located directly on or near the Strip, making the best in world-class gaming and entertainment a short walk or cab ride away. There are also condo projects being planned that are a little further off the strip that can better provide a quiet escape for those who want an occasional break from 24-hour city life.

Residents of high rise condos get to experience the benefits of a 24-hour concierge and around the clock security. Some newer developments pair condo comfort with hotel services, giving the owners of these units the opportunity to rent them out for short-term or long-term visitors. These "condotels" are usually fully furnished and include top of the line amenities and appliances.

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