Las Vegas Planned Communities

Written by Samuel Wong
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Many people who are making the move to Las Vegas are settling in planned communities. Often times we hear horror stories about tyrannical homeowners associations that restrict patriotic displays and bright holiday lights. However, these are simply bad examples of the benefits of living in a planned community. Planned communities can provide a picture-perfect living experience for all visitors and residents.

The most well-known of planned communities in Vegas is Summerlin. Summerlin has been the country's highest selling master-planned community for ten out of the last eleven years. People who move to Summerlin know they will be moving to a community like no other. The benefits of Summerlin and other planned communities are just as accessible to renters as they are to homeowners.

Find Your Home in a Planned Community

Planned communities seem to grow and mature much more efficiently than traditional communities. Planners have the foresight and make major roadways wide enough to accommodate the traffic that will be flowing in the coming years. Schools are built as the community grows, so that the chances of overcrowding are minimized. Shopping centers and restaurants are intelligently located so that residents don't have to drive clear across town to get the goods and services they need.

Las Vegas planned communities can provide a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown. These communities are far enough from the city that there is very little tourist traffic, yet close enough that a lengthy drive is not necessary. Best of all, there are plenty of recreational options available to residents of planned communities, so that there is rarely a need to look elsewhere for entertainment.

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