Summerlin Community

Written by Samuel Wong
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Residents of Summerlin can't seem to stop talking about its unique sense of community. There is a feeling of consideration among residents of each village, along with a feeling of pride about living in Summerlin. This community pride is a result of the expert planning that went into developing the community of Summerlin.

Since it is a master-planned Community, each resident feels like he or she plays a part in the overall success and safety of Summerlin. Monthly fees go into maintaining common area landscaping, shared facilities such as clubhouses, fitness centers, and parks, as well as helping to defray costs of transportation maintenance. Residents of Summerlin take pride in their homes and you can see it simply by taking a drive through any of Summerlin's villages.

Summerlin Community Spirit

Summerlin is also a well-known community because it is home to Nevada's only PGA golf tournament. Millions of people around the world follow PGA games, and when the Nevada tournament takes place, all eyes are on Summerlin. Even the slightest amount of exposure during a sporting event is sure to spark curiosity in viewers.

Summerlin is a great community for families due to its numerous recreation resources. There are hundreds of miles of trails throughout the community, which are perfect for hiking, walking, jogging, and biking. If you prefer a more competitive form of recreation, there are several baseball fields, tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts throughout the area. Summerlin is a great community where families come first.

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