Summerlin Nevada Real Estate

Written by Samuel Wong
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Recent reports have shown that Summerlin and the surrounding Las Vegas area are one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. More and more people are discovering Las Vegas's potential as a hometown, not just a weekend destination. Summerlin is ideally situated a few miles from the Strip, meaning you won't encounter all of that time-consuming tourist traffic.

One of the reasons why real estate in Nevada's Summerlin area is so appealing is its innovative master plan. There are several villages in the Summerlin area, each with its own atmosphere and design. Each of these villages is situated around a park, golf course, or community center, creating the feel of a cozy neighborhood.

Real Estate is Hot in Summerlin

The planners at Summerlin have achieved the perfect balance of neighborhood density and open spaces. There are numerous parks throughout the Summerlin area, many with sports facilities including tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts. This wide selection of parks makes Summerlin an ideal location to start or raise a family. Summerlin is also home to many houses of worship so you won't have to go far for spiritual fulfillment.

Summerlin real estate isn't attractive only to young families. Summerlin also has villages that are perfect for everyone from college students to retired adults. Siena is a community specifically for active adults, complete with its own golf courses and fitness centers. A true community is made up of a diverse group of people, making Summerlin the paragon of master planned communities.

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