The Raleigh, Nc Real Estate Market

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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The housing market in Raleigh is very active as more and more people move into the Triangle area. Within the city, you can find homes or condos for under $100,000, but most homes sell for significantly more than that amount. Still, housing is affordable, and there are a wide variety of styles available.

With a good tax base, the city's infrastructure is well maintained. Raleigh and its suburbs also offer excellent schools, a safe environment, great employment, numerous recreational opportunities, and great neighborhoods. Since so many people relocate to the area every year, Raleigh realtors have become experts in putting together information packages covering the complex process of buying a home when you are unfamiliar with the community to which you are moving.

Housing Options/Sales

More than half (57.1 percent) of the homes in Raleigh are single-family detatched, and the average age of the homes is 34 years. About 6 percent of the homes are single attached homes, 12 percent are duplex, and the remainder range from 3 units to over 50. The median price of homes is $120,000, but the average selling price of homes in the area is $161,000. Most homes have three bedrooms. In Wake County, where Raleigh is located, the average income is $100,421, while the median income is $72,190.

In the Raleigh area, you can find every type of home from brick to manufactured, from wood to log. If you like an urban environment, you will find high-rise condos and city neighborhoods. Suburban neighborhoods offer older, settled areas as well as planned and gated communities. There are lakefront homes available, and golfers will find a number of golf communities with various homestyles to choose from.

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