Raleigh Real Estate Listings

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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You can now find both realtors and real estate listings online. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a lot of trouble to actually get to the listings. Some sites offer "all the Raleigh real estate listings you want," then make you go through fifteen minutes of junk to get there. And, even after you've filled out about twenty boxes with personal information, you still don't know a thing about where the houses are.

Unless you live in the area, you don't know the names of the subdivisions, whether they are near good schools, or whether they are thirty miles from your new job. You don't know if it's an overpriced neighborhood or one that is in a downward trend. Buying a home is not like buying a book online; it takes a lot of thought and some legwork to make good decisions.

There Is a Smart Way to Find Listings

You're the only one who can outline the basics of what you want in a home. Decisions such as the number of rooms, one or two floors, price, urban or country location, and more are all things you should decide early on. (You can always change your mind later if a really terrific home doesn't match your original criteria!) Even if you've driven through the neighborhood, you may not know what's really happening there in terms of quality of life, housing trends, and access to the amenities you're looking for.

Where can you get this information? You can get it by talking to your buyer's agent, a realtor who signs an agreement with you to represent your interests throughout your home search and continuing until you close. Realtors know neighborhoods; it's their bread and butter to know which ones could be a good fit for their clients. If you do choose to browse the Raleigh real estate listings, make sure you know how to read them. Understanding a real estate listing is pretty simple if you know the abbreviations, but knowing the neighborhoods can take years, and that's where you can use some help from a buyer's agent.

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